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Drs. Chris & Kara and are internationally recognized speakers and renowned well-being experts. Their broad expertise, combined with their relatable & approachable delivery has made them sought after experts by some of the world’s largest corporations.

Here’s where we tell you in a few short sentences everything you need to know about us. We could start with our degrees and how long we’ve been working to help people get Mohr out of life (see what we did there?), but let’s be honest, that’s the textbook, boring stuff (but if you care, we tell you below).

Let’s instead start with the things at the heart of who we are. We’re guessing, we’re probably a lot like you:

  • We want to achieve success and happiness in our lives without chasing them at the expense of our family or relationship;
  • We want to play, laugh and have an overabundance of energy in every day;
  • We want to have meaningful relationships with our children, each other and our friends and family.
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