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Hi, we’re Chris and Kara

Here’s where we tell you in a few short sentences everything you need to know about us. We could start with our degrees and how long we’ve been working to help people get Mohr out of life (see what we did there?), but let’s be honest, that’s the textbook, boring stuff (but if you care, we tell you below).

Let’s instead start with the things at the heart of who we are. We’re guessing, we’re probably a lot like you:

  • We want to achieve success and happiness in our lives without chasing them at the expense of our family or relationship;
  • We want to play, laugh and have an overabundance of energy in every day;
  • We want to have meaningful relationships with our children, each other and our friends and family.

That’s why we’ve devoted our lives to discovering strategies for making that happen. It’s about finding a rhythm to life, in whatever your current season. This way you can squeeze the most out of your schedule, your people, and your passions without losing you in the process.

Want to know our passions, outside of each other and our kids, of course?  Sun, pizza, garlic and oil, coffee & travel - not necessarily in that order.

From our passions, you can probably tell our kitchen is a big part of our story. Kara  loves to cook up a kitchen dance party, while Chris pretends he’s a pizzaiolo – working the pizza dough we whip up as a family every Friday night to perfection.

Our goal:To help you get Mohr out of life. Put simply, we provide information and products that help you and others transform your lives.

Ready to join us on this adventure and learn how to squeeze all you can out of your life? Have we convinced you to learn Mohr? Seriously. Let’s hang out!

If you made it this far for the nerdy stuff, well, here it is:

  • We both have PhDs in Exercise Physiology and Chris is also a Registered Dietitian.
  • Kara was chosen by Prevention Magazine as one of the “Top Diet Docs” in the country and Chris is on the Men’s Health MagazineAdvisory Board.
  • For the past 20 years, we’ve helped people shape healthy habits and lifestyles - and we’ve done it one-on-one and with large corporations, like the Johnson and Johnson Human Performance Institute, the CIA, American Heart Association, Deloitte and Under Armour, along with reaching millions through our magazine articles and media segments.

Here’s to you (and your family’s) health!

-Chris & Kara


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Reboot Your Energy In 7 Days!

Are you ready to seriously boost your energy?! In just over 7 short days you'll be able to feel energetic, strong and full of life!  Get started now!



Get Mohr Results, Each Month!

Each month we'll coach you towards optimal health.  This includes a monthly challenge, training videos, shopping lists, recipes and mohr!



Make Healthy a Habit: 21 Days to Better Sleep

When you don’t have a quality night’s sleep, it will affect your mood, your likeability, your personal life, your health and energy and performance at home and work.

Sleep is the foundation of you; yet a recent survey found over 75% of people said they failed to wake up each morning feeling refreshed. 

We have created a comprehensive 21 day program with simple steps and strategies to help you take control of your sleep and ultimately wake up feeling refreshed. Every. Single. Day!  After all, if sleep is off…life is off.


Virtual Keynote Speaking and Facilitation

Dynamic expert speakers, Kara and Chris have been invited around the world and have informed and inspired audiences from Thailand to Turkey, Iceland, Spain, England, Canada and most of the 50 states in the US.

Some of their clients include the CIA,  Johnson and Johnson, American Heart Association, Wounded Warrior Project, Under Armour and the USO, to name a few.

They are personable and engaging speakers who share realistic mindset, nutrition and fitness strategies through engaging storytelling with fun, actionable takeaways.

If you’d like to inspire your team to Get MOHR Out of Life, schedule Chris and/or Kara for your next event.


Personal Coaching

One on one coaching with Kara and Chris will help you create a vision for your life, health, and well-being. Through weekly coaching sessions (via phone or Skype) and personalized strategies we offer the tools, accountability and system to help you develop a healthy mindset and habits to create sustainable change.



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