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Who Am I?

mindset Mar 21, 2019

We have 100's and 100's of thoughts every, single day. Some are just fleeting thoughts, while others may be more meaningful.

For me, as an avid mediator, I often have many thoughts during my meditations - some take me off track, others are a bit more meaningful and stick with me.  

Recently I discovered a guided app that goes through a series of different prompts, including asking yourself the question, "Who am I?"

Have you ever wondered this? Not 'me' -- but you,. 

I was on a walk with a friend and was telling her about this, when she asked, "What do you come up with as the answer?"

"Well," I said. "Right now I get nothing. But maybe… one day… if I sit with it long enough I will."


The other night I had a long discussion with our nine-year-old daughter. Turns out she’s been having conflict with another girl in her class, and as kids do, she’s been treating this girl poorly and saying unkind things. When we were talking about the situation I said something about "We all make mistakes, but we also all have the opportunity to make things better.


She said,  "Mom. Mistakes are when you do something by accident. I’m always doing these things.  I’m always mean to Sophie (her sister)… I always feel this way about this girl (in school)…


She looked scared and in that moment, I could see she was worrying – not only about how to correct mistakes – but whether or not there was something broken in her.  

She was worrying about whether there was something wrong with who she was at her core. Maybe she was just a mean person? Maybe she would always end up with consequences and situations that she didn’t like and didn’t want to be in – because she was somehow uniquely broken?

Haven’t we all been there? Been in that place where we fear what if this is just who I am? 

  • Maybe I’m just lazy? 

  • Maybe I’m just overweight?  

  • Maybe I’m just unkind? 

  • Maybe I’m just hard to get along with?

  • Maybe I’m just a workaholic?

Maybe this is just WHO. I. Am.

I thought of my morning meditations in that moment.  I thought of the question Who am I?  It was then that I realized that answer isn’t decided for us.  It’s not going to come to us from the great beyond. 

It is determined by our choosing. We get to decide. And most importantly, when we are bringing into creation something that is no longer serving us and we don’t want to be anymore, we can choose differently.

Who you are is determined by how you show up day in and day out.

Who are you?

  • Who do you want to become?
  • How do you want to feel in your life? 
  • What do you desire for yourself?

It’s yours to create.