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Introducing our new "21 Days to Better Sleep" sleep course. An exact, step-by-step video series for those who struggle with brain fog, are unnecessarily anxious, lack energy and never feeling refreshed.

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From the desk of Drs. Chris and Kara Mohr

We've been teaching and speaking on well-being for over two decades. 

After earning our PhD's in exercise physiology we traveled the world speaking to busy executives, moms, dads - people just like you - and we quickly noticed a large gap missing from so many lives as they shared their personal health challenges.

So, what was it?!!?  

It was a lack of quality sleep! Person after person we would talk to had interrupted sleep, less than ideal amount of time in bed, or would spent hours scrolling mindlessly or bingeing on Netflix without connecting this lack of sleep with many of their daily challenges.

It continues to be a problem for many! 

And that's when we started digging deep into the research help our clients better manage their own health and well-being while teaching them very simple strategies how to better manage their sleep. We can't wait to share this same information with you!

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem.

We have created a simple, step-by-step program to target the most common sleep hygiene challenges that are essential for deep, restful sleep. When practiced, they will unlock the body's natural ability to sleep soundly, dream wildly and feel alive in your own life, with virtual endless benefits including:

  • Sharper focus!
  • Greater clarity!
  • Stronger relationships!
  • Boost energy!
  • Fat loss!
  • Lower the risk of many other diseases!
  • Add life to your years and years to your life!

But sadly, sleeping soundly and making sleep a priority is not the norm even though it can be life changing and literally, life saving.

Data shows a shocking worldwide lack of sleep, with 62% of people not getting enough zzzzzz's.

And that is putting you at risk for major negative consequences, like a decrease in productivity, focus, happiness, likability, problems with memory and a massive decrease in short term and long term health.

If you feel like you've struggled with any of the above, a proper night's rest might be exactly what is needed.

But one night won't cure it all. It takes effort and forming a new pattern that our course will help you do!

We have the answer to your sleep challenges!

And now we've brought it to you so you can have access to the same information we teach all over the globe - right from the comfort of your home and get the sleep your body needs to feel alive in your own life.

Consider us your virtual sleep coaches.

If you have ever been frustrated, unable and unsure how to make you a priority and get the right amount of sleep needed to be and do better every single day, 21 Days to Better Sleep is for you.

Get ALL the Benefits Here! Our ENTIRE Course is only $75!

Praise for "21 Days to Better Sleep"

Ellie Krieger, MS, RD, Host of Ellie's Real Good Food and award winning cookbook author

"In this excellent video series, wellness power-couple Drs. Chris and Kara Mohr reveal the essentials of healthy sleep habits and zero in on what really works. It's an inspiring program that's easy to follow and could realistically change your life." 

Alexis Rodriguez, Apple, Inc Executive

“ 21 Days to Better Sleep” was exactly what I needed – this resource lays it out so well and the outcome is even more clear. I seriously feel like a new person and can honestly say it's 100% of because of what I learned from this program and applied. I wish everyone can see this and learn the strategies within to make sleep a priority. Thank you!”

Jim White, RD

"At my studio's, my clients meet with our registered dietitians and our certified personal trainers.  But all too often the piece of the puzzle that is lacking is sleep and when clients put some focus into improving their sleep, so much falls into place.  The video course that Chris & Kara put together is so simple, yet effective - it fills in that gap so we can continue to deliver the results to our clients."

Luis Medero, President of the International Coaches Institute

"Drs. Chris and Kara Mohr are two of my favorite people to hear speak, but when I am not fortunate enough to have them in Spain with my groups, this video course has been a perfect option to share with the executives I work with from around the world."

While we can't promise we'll tuck you in each night, having us in your corner is like having a virtual sleepover with personal sleep coaches.

Sharper Focus

Quality sleep is the most effective way to improve your focus.

Gain Clarity

Obtaining optimal sleep will enable you to think improve upon daily tasks.

Improve Relationships

Research shows those who sleep more are more likable. 

Improve Well-Being

Sleep is the single biggest factor in health and wellness.


Who this program is for:

  • Anyone who struggles with focus, emotional regulation and living up to their potential.
  • Anyone who struggles with getting a sound night sleep, regularly.
  • Anyone who tosses and turns each night and doesn't wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Anyone who has a tough time falling asleep on their own.
  • Anyone who struggles with energy and motivation throughout the day, constantly feeling like they've consistently missed out on deep, rejuvenating sleep.
  • Anyone who is able to follow along with a simple, 21 day video series outlining the exact strategies that have been proven through research around best sleep practices.
  • Anyone who could use help creating a sleep sanctuary, using exactly what you already have in your own home, to help you improve your sleep.
  • Anyone who could benefit from learning from two well-being experts, with PhD's in exercise physiology, who have read & synthesized the most up to date research on best sleep hygiene practices that have been tried with 1000's of individuals just like you.

Who this program is not for:

  • Those who have medical needs that need more than research based sleep hygiene strategies.
  • Anyone who requires a medical diagnoses by a qualified Sleep Physician.

If you have ever been frustrated not being able to figure out just why you are struggling with daily energy drops, emotional highs and lows or health concerns, we can help with proven sleep systems to guide you.

Here's a Sample of What You'll Get and Experience within "21 Day Days to Better Sleep" Video Course:

Week #1: Why Sleep Matters

  • The Significance of Sleep
  • What Happens When You Sleep
  • Sleep Diary
  • Performance Assessment

Week #2: The Challenges of Getting Good Sleep

  • Challenges and Solutions, Part 1 - Technology
  • Challenges and Solutions, Part 2 - Physiological
  • Challenges and Solutions, Part 3 - External Barriers
  • Challenges and Solutions, Part 4 - Your Sleep Environment

Week #3 - Make Sleep a Habit

  • Make Healthy a Habit
  • Create an Evening Ritual
  • Create a Morning Ritual

Bonus Material

  • Tips for Time Travel
  • Fake it Until You Make it: What to Do when You're Short on Sleep

And so much more!

Improve Your Sleep & Your Life!!

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