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We work with organizations (Under Armour, Johnson & Johnson and Wounded Warrior Project) to help staff understand mindset, vitality and healthy living. Watch the short video for more info...


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 “Chris and Kara continue to impress me every time I hear them. They’re knowledgeable, entertaining and they understand their audience. I have seen 100’s of speakers from around the world and there’s a reason I continue to bring back Mohr Results year after year. Their ability to translate complicated topics into practical application is unparalleled.”

- Louis Medero, President & Founder, International Coaches Institute, Madrid, Spain


"I have been fortunate to share the stage with Chris and Kara several times and they are simply two of the best speakers in the well-being space. They are authentic and real as it gets. As a couple, entrepreneurs and parents, they practice what they preach.  They take complex and often confusing topics and break them down into meaningful strategies that are ready to apply in real life. "

- Blair Bloomston, Partner & VP of Business Development, Game On Nation


"Thank you both for the class – the material was fantastic, but it’s really your personal stories and how much you care that really makes the difference. I’ve been through more classes and trainings than I can possibly remember, but this is the first time I’ve walked away determined to incorporate what I’ve learned into my daily life."

- Dustin Lewis, Senior Manager, Global Equity


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