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All or Nothing Thinking

mindset Jan 06, 2019

As reformed all-or nothing thinkers, we still get fired up by the promise of a New Year to buckle down on intentions and re-energize goals. 

After all, it's hard to resist the appeal of a clean slate. 

But we've also learned (personally and with our clients) that the decision to go ALL-IN, head first is a usually a short-term strategy. 

After a few weeks, it's hard to maintain changing All. The. Things.  And life steadily commands you back to the status quo.

For many of you, life resumes as normal tomorrow.  Maybe it's already happened... the kids went back to school or you went back to work... but we know that the first full week of January is when most people really want to buckle down and take charge of the year ahead. 

What if you did things differently this year?

What if instead of tackling everything you want to improve in your life, you just picked one thing to target in January.  

If starting an exercise habit is your goal, maybe you simply commit to exercising two times a week. 

Grab your calendar and between now and January 30th, identify 8 times you plan to workout.  It's not hitting the gym every day or even 5 times a week.  It's picking a number that you can likely make happen AND that can make a difference in terms of how you feel each week.

Or maybe your goal is improving your nutrition. Instead of overhauling EVERYTHING for a few days only to derail yourself in week or so, pick one area to target.

Maybe it looks like aiming for 1-2 more veggies a day than you are currently eating. 

Or to eliminate snacking after dinner or cutting out a high sugar afternoon snack.

You know what one choice in your diet can make a big difference.  Start there. Build consistency.

And keep other things the same. 

It's not as sexy or appealing as the massive transformations done in a really short amount of time - but honestly, those transformations are the exception, not the rule.  And. They rarely stick.

Let's look at how small changes can make a BIG difference for you in 2019:

If you commit to 2 workouts a week - you'll complete 104 workouts in 2019.  

That will definitely make a difference in how you feel, move and probably even look.

If you add 1-2 veggies into your diet each day, you'll end the year eating between 365-730 more veggies than you did this year.

That's a difference maker in the amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals you take in. 

And if you replace something else in your diet with those veggies, than you just overhauled your diet in a major way with one simple swap.

And the same can be said for any other endeavor: productivity, relationships, sleep and name it.

Tonight we'd love for you to think about ONE goal and ONE behavior to tackle this January.  Build consistency. Build the habit.  Commit to making it happen no matter what. 

And remember, you can always build momentum as you go if you decide you need to add more.  But get the consistent win under your belt.  All. the things can wait ;)