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The More You Know, The More (MOHR?) You Can Do

Uncategorized Jul 24, 2019


We’ve partnered with Life Extension for this post. Opinions are our own.

I was playing tennis with a friend the other day. It was the day before Father’s Day and he had mentioned he needed to go to the doctor for a basic check-up since it had been a few years and he just recently celebrated his 40thbirthday. He asked me if there was anything unique he should be asking his doctor about or checking into now that he’s entered the 4thdecade.

Why yes, yes there is.  Typical checkups include a simple lipid panel.  Good start, but what else is going on – there’s more to your body and blood than just cholesterol and other lipids.

“Can my doctor do all these tests and are they covered by insurance– she usually just tells me about a lipid panel?” 

Sure can, but it will probably be out of pocket, depending on your insurance and what you want to look at.

I’m hesitant to offer recommendations unless asked. But since he did, I told him about a blood test I recently had, as I was rather impressed with the testing done, particularly for the cost and now at our ages in our 40’s. 

I do have a general practitioner I go to who also does the basic lipid panel, but I wanted to know a bit more.  Not that life completely changes the second you turn 40, but awareness is always key and certainly some markers – hormones specifically –canchange, so why not stay ahead of the curve?

However, when I asked my doc about the tests, he did say he would gladly add them to the list but they would likely be out of pocket and out of pocket at a pretty significant cost.

That’s when I learned of the blood test panels offered by Life Extension, a company I’d been familiar with for a while and am now working with.  I knew of their supplements, but admittedly didn’t know of their testing. 

Anytime we can find out more about ourselves, we’re down … which is exactly what this blood panel does … it offers more information and information is power, particularly if it gives you the tools necessary to make change.

Even better, this test was super easy.  Be sure to click Male Elite Blood Panel Test or Female Elite Blood Panel Test for $10 off when you checkout. They did this just for our readers so take advantage!inside our bodies.

We scheduled our blood draw online after finding a local Lab Corp near our house, went, had the blood draw and Life Extension handled the rest.  A couple weeks later, we received our report and a follow up email from Life Extension to schedule a call with one of their Wellness Specialists when it worked for us. Life Extension offers a free informational service for those with any health questions. Their Wellness Specialist are comprised of MDs, naturapathic doctors, nurses, personal trainers, and other healthcare professions, who can answer any of your health questions, and in this case, review your blood test results.)

Overall, we were both very anxious to hear what's going on inside our bodies - keeping things in check. And, fortunately, all was OK according to standards.  However, we did learn one thing that interested us.  Vitamin D levels for both of us came in at 34 and 36, respectively. While that's "within normal limits," most experts suggest ideal levels should be 50-80 ng/dL. We both do supplement with 3000 IU's throughout the winter but stopped since we're now out in the sun more often.  That said, we're also both going to add supplemental D3 back into our regimen to bring those levels a tad higher ... and we'll test again to confirm we're there. This is an example of preventative medicine at its finest.

The Male Elite Blood Panel Testwas designed by Life Extension for men looking to monitor multiple systems throughout their body such as thyroid function, endocrine function, hormone status, and other general health markers.

Why does this all matter?  Well, as we age, some of the markers tested can change. It’s well established that aging can cause a loss of muscle mass. That of course can be drastically slowed by what we eat and consistent weight training, but the other piece to that puzzle could be hormonal shifts. The Male Elite Blood Panel tests a variety of steroid hormones to determine your levels. 

Because let’s face it - knowing your cholesterol and triglycerides are a good step in the right direction, but there’s more to what’s going on inside your body, such as:

  • Thyroid hormones
  • Cardiac markers
  • Prostate cancer markers
  • Endocrine hormones
  • Hormone binding proteins

While all those terms might sound complicated, that’s the beauty of the Life Extension Panel Tests – after the test, you set up a time to talk with a Life Extension Wellness Specialist who can walk you through every last marker tested.

Let’s be honest, when’s the last time your primary care doc did THAT?

The more you know, the more (MOHR?) you can do! 

Information is knowledge!

And we’re here to offer some of that to you.

Be sure to click the links to order the Male Elite Blood Panel Testor Female Elite Blood Panel Testfor $10 off of $75. They did this just for our readers so take advantage! 

To put cost in perspective, when having my blood tested the phlebotomist asked me the cost and said Vitamin D alone is about $260 – so having all of these hormones tested for by Life Extension is a solid price for what they are offering.

Let us know what you find!