Burn More Fat with THESE 3 Easy Tricks

Sometimes the best weight loss tricks are the easiest (thankfully!).

The fact of the matter is it doesn’t take a complete diet overhaul to shed calories and burn more fat…

…here are 3 REALLY simple tricks that you can do on a daily basis to burn more fat.

  1. Eat Eggs.  Researchers at the University of Connecticut gave study participants either an egg based breakfast or a bagel, and cream cheese with an equal amount of calories.  The subjects who had the egg based breakfast ended up eating less calories at the next buffet style meal, suggesting they were more full after the egg based breakfast.  This supports other research suggesting those who ate eggs for breakfast lost 65% more weight than those who ate a carbohydrate based breakfast. 
  2. Make dinner your last meal.  There’s no magic time to stop eating, but since the foods eaten after dinner usually aren’t the best, committing to stopping after that meal will help you shed calories and burn more fat.
  3. Eat raw nuts.  Replacing 1 snack each day with a handful of raw nuts can help you lose weight.  The key in that sentence is "replace" — not add — rather than chips, granola bars, or 100 calorie junk packs, research has shown that eating a handful of raw nuts daily can help people lose belly fat.

There you have it — 3 super simple tricks to get a fat loss jumpstart (with science to prove it!)

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