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Saturated Fat — The New Health Food?

Life has been crazy over the last week — was speaking in Istanbul last week, then off to Boston for another speaking engagement — and a great conference. The American Dietetic Association annual conference where 8,000 dietitians converge on a city. This year, we were in Boston.

Istanbul was exciting since 1) I’ve never been there … and 2) I got to try a brand new food — a fresh date! Very good stuff for sure.

While I was in Boston, I saw some great sessions that I’ll be talking about more, soon.

But first up was “The Great Fat Debate” — talking all about fat.

4 speakers. 4 opinions. But there was some overlap on one topic — maybe saturated fat isn’t the evil demon it’s been thought to be.

Hmmmmmm. Time to dig deeper into this.

It wasn’t that these scientists were suggesting having bacon sandwiches with buttered bread and a glass of half and half on the side. But they urged folks to look more to quality of fats … and suggested that simply replacing saturated fat with junky carbs, which many people did, certainly isn’t a smart answer.

Carbohydrates — particularly low fiber carbs — will negatively affect your lipids more than saturated fat.

And speaking of lipids, another take home point was not to focus on just one biomarker, like total cholesterol or triglycerides. Reducing the risk of heart disease is like a puzzle and all the pieces work together — lipids, blood pressure, waist circumference, etc.

Last but not least … it may not be as much “saturated fat is bad” … but more “processed saturated fat is” … less processed foods, like red meat, whole dairy are very different from hot dogs and higher fat deli meats.

Mohr Results Bottom Line: Don’t swap your fish for steak. And start pouring cream on your cereal. A lot of it comes back to processed foods — quality is the key — not just quantity of calories. Fat is super healthy, though, when you choose the best types. In fact, it’s not just healthy, fat is essential for optimal health. Choose mainly fats like olive oil, fish oil, nuts, canola, avocado’s, egg yolks, and flax seeds. Eliminate trans fats and when you do eat saturated fats, focus on the less processed options.

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