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Shocking Top Protein Food (with recipes!)

For those who know me, they know I am FAR from handy.

best source of proteinI’m not afraid to admit it.  I wish I had some more basic skills in the "handiness" area, but I don’t. 

My dad is super handy.  He’s done electric, helped build their deck, crown molding, the stone wall on the back of their fireplace, tiling … you name it, he can do it.  That just didn’t get passed down to me.

The kitchen is where I’m most comfortable. 

Our Shun knives are like my hammer and nails.

Anyhow, my Uncle Mark is also very handy — he’s actually in the construction business.  A few weeks ago he and my cousin were driving across the country from PA to Colorado.  Lucky for us, they came right through Louisville so stayed the night. 

We were talking shop — nutrition and construction — two things we’re all well versed in, each in our own way.  We’re looking to do some work projects in our house and both my cousin Drew and Uncle Mark are personally interested in nutrition.

So we’re plowing through some carb bomb lasagna, bread and fantastic wine and my Uncle Mark asked Kara to pass THE best food source of protein — ounce for ounce. 

Well, he didn’t quite ask for it like that.  That would be odd.  But he asked for this surprising source of protein. 

It wasn’t the meatballs.  Or the nuts on the salad.  Surely wasn’t the bread, lasagna or wine.

It was the Parmigiano cheese.  And, take note — Parmigiano ensures you’re getting the REAL thing, not the "Parmesan" that is often found already grated in a plastic container to sprinkle on foods. 

Ounce for ounce Parmigiano cheese is the single best food source of protein. 

1 oz of Parmigiano offers 11 grams of protein.  As a comparison, fish, chicken and red meat provide about 7 grams per 1 oz. 

It also tastes damn good and because it’s such a strong flavor, you don’t need a lot to flavor your food.  So it’s really a win win — you’re not loading up on fat and calories because a little goes a long way. 

That being said, it takes a lot of Parm cheese to get 1 oz.  So we’re not suggesting replacing your other protein rich foods with Parm, but for the strong flavor, it’s a great addition to salads or eggs, for example, for a little protein and nutrition boost.

Here are two recipes we love using some high quality Parmigiano cheese.

Arugula Salad with Orange and Parm

2 large handfuls arugula
1 navel orange (peeled and sectioned)
Shaved Parmigiano cheese (use a potato peeler and don’t be shy)
Drizzle extra virgin olive oil (about 2-3 tsp)
Sprinkle Kosher salt

Mix all ingredients, chop with kitchen shears and enjoy

Superfood Power Pesto

superfood recipe2 cups basil leaves
1 large handful walnuts (toast for added flavor)
3 oz high quality Parmigiano
1/2 – 3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
3-4 garlic cloves
3 large handfuls fresh spinach (bonus superfood!)
2-3 large pinches kosher salt (start with less and add more if needed)

Add all ingredients to a powerful blender or food processor.  Blend until smooth and enjoy in eggs, over wild salmon, chicken or pasta.

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Today is a “No Carb” Day

I’m sitting at a restaurant the other night in my hotel … in rainy Pensacola Florida for a conference.

Ended up with this great salad — bed of spinach, topped with avocado, pineapple, papaya, mango, and grilled shrimp.

I was waiting for my food to come and a family of 4 sat down next to me.  Mom, dad, and two teenage girls.  They apparently had just gotten in from their trip and were starving (as the girls continued to repeat). 

Hard not to hear when your tables are right next to each other.low carb diets

I wasn’t paying attention to what they ordered, but I did notice that when the bread came to the table, the mom pushed it aside between her daughters and said

"NOPE, can’t eat that…I’ll be bloated in my bathing suit tomorrow.  And your dad had carbs earlier so no carbs for him either…"

And then who seemed to be the older of the two girls said "Give it back to the waitress — I can’t eat that either."

So now, I’m not going to lie — I was then completely interested in what they DID order since apparently it was a "no carb" day for the entire family.

I didn’t get a chance to hear the entire food order, but I was there long enough to hear the "no carb" mom and dad both order mixed drinks — 1 with soda and 1 with juice.

Last I checked, soda and juice were both carbs.

So it then made me think …

…it’s no wonder there is such misinformation out there and confusion.

Bread is bad.  It’s a carb.

Soda, juice and alcohol are OK….because, well, that’s my rationalization and I want that.

Let’s clear the air.  In fact, quality bread with some fiber and other nutrients would be MUCH better than soda or juice!  Now, I’ll give them credit in that the bread at the hotel probably wasn’t that great…but the "no carbs" statement is the issue here. 

Bread is not bad.  Too much bread.  Of course, not a good idea.  Bread without a bit of fiber.  Yup, also junk.

And, to be honest, more carbs is not what most people need since most don’t exercise very much.

But the message that carbs are bad and the notion of "no carb" days is crazy … particularly when spreading that message to teenage girls!  But that’s a topic for a different blog.

Bottom Line: Eat carbs.  Enjoy them.  In fact, ‘earn’ more of them through exercise.  The more you exercise, the more carbs your body will use.  And eat most of your carbs from colorful fruits and veggies.  These should be the base of your intake.  Then, when you do eat bread or other grain based foods — aim for those that have at least 3 grams of fiber OR MORE! 

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Ditch These Common Diet Tips

The diet tips, tricks and strategies are coming fast and furious this time of year…

The official "start" of beach season is just days away.  I’ve heard some in the fitness industry refer to it as "Judgement Day."  The day when pools and beaches open and bathing suits come out.

Not to build too much around this time of year … but it is interesting how our blog and associated fat loss questions have been on fire lately.  Surely there’s a connection.

But what if the advice you’re reading is steering you in the wrong direction?

Here are 3 REALLY common diet tips that you need to ditch NOW.

  1. Losing fat means eating low fat.  This one couldn’t be further from the truth.  We’re not suggesting loading up on fat is the way to go in lieu of other foods, but focusing on QUALITY is the key.  Low fat diet does NOT equal low body fat. 

    Low junky fat (trans fat, processed saturated fat) should be drastically limited, but rather than just eliminating those types of fats, we suggest replacing them with much better alternatives, like fish and fish oil, olive oil, and canola oil.  Even mix in some coconut oil if you want a healthier saturated fat.  But remember that LOW fat eating doesn’t mean LOW body fat (or health)!

  2. Eating salads means you’ll lose weight.  Incorrect.  This too has gotten a bit out of control and we hear it ALL the time. 

    "Well, on another diet, so I guess I’m back to salads everyday." 

    Can salads be a great option?  Absolutely.  But, they can also literally destroy your goals.  Pick up a salad at Chilis, Olive Garden or most other restaurants and you could be topping the calorie scales at 1000+ calories.  Just like before, the key is quality.  Salads with croutons, cheese, bacon bits, and creamy dressing … not really a recipe for success.

  3. Nuts are too high in calories so are bad for "dieting."  Couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, research shows that eating 1-2 oz of nuts per day HELPS with weight loss!  The key is portion control and nuts are easy to overeat, so stick to just a handful a couple times per day and you’re good to go.  Here’s a better trick — stick with in shell pistachios because cracking off the shell slows down how quickly you can eat them, which automatically helps with portion control.

There you have it — 3 diet "tips" that need to be ditched immediately.

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8 Reasons Why You Keep Falling Off the Diet Wagon

I was talking to a friend of mine the other night, Tom Venuto, fellow "New Jersian" … and, no, Snookie did not come up anywhere in our conversation.  Tom is the author of the bestselling book "The Body Fat Solution" (that you can find in any major book store) and many #1 ebooks over the years as well.  Most notably, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

While talking, of course the conversation went to training and nutrition, and Tom mentioned he had a great article to share, so today we wanted to give him the floor (or the blog) rather than reinvent the wheel.
8 Reasons Why You Keep Falling Off the Diet Wagon

By: Tom Venuto

Clearly, we have an obesity problem in America and many other countries across our planet. Yet, I propose that we do not have a weight loss problem today. In case you’re confused at this apparent contradiction, consider these statistics:

According to a study from Oxford University published in the International Journal of Obesity, within 3 to 5 years, about 80 percent of all ‘weight losers’ have regained the lost weight, and often gained back a little extra.

According to research by the National Weight Control Registry, that relapse rate may be as high as 95 percent.

For comparison, relapse rates for drug, alcohol and tobacco dependency have been reported in the range of 50-90%.

This means that lots and lots of people have “successfully” lost weight. But not many have kept it off. Therefore, we don’t have a weight loss problem, we have a weight-relapse problem; we have a “not sticking with it” problem. Wouldn’t you agree?

In fact, the fall and subsequent weight-regain usually doesn’t take years. Many people have abandoned their new year’s resolutions within weeks. By the time the Super Bowl party rolls around, their diet is history!

If this is true, then shouldn’t we put more of our attention onto figuring out why you haven’t been sticking with your program, and what you should do about it? 

I put together this new list (below) of the top 8 reasons why you fall off the wagon.

Rather than worrying about the minutiae of your diet plan, like whether you should be on low carb or high carb, Mediterranean or Okinawan, vegetarian or meat eater, I propose that if you simply focus on these 8 issues, you’ll start getting more lasting results.

How? By being able to stick with whichever plan you decided was best for you! After all, even if you have the best nutrition program in the world – on paper – it doesn’t do you much good if you can’t stick with it in practice!


1. No focus: you didn’t set goals, you didn’t put your goals in writing, and/or you didn’t stay focused on your goals daily (by reading them, affirming them, looking at a vision board, etc.)

2. No priorities: you may have set a goal, but you didn’t put it on or near the top of your priorities list. For example, your goal is six pack abs, but drinking beer and eating fast food on the weekend is higher on your priorities list than having a flat stomach.

3. No support system: you tried to go at it alone; no buddy system, training partners, family, spouse, friends, mentors or coaches to turn to for information and emotional support when the going got tough.

4. No Accountability: you didn’t keep score for your own accountability – with a progress chart, weight record, measurements, food journal, training journal, and you didn’t set up external accountability (ie, report to someone else or show your results to someone else)

5. No patience: you were only thinking short term and had unrealistic expectations. You expected 10 pounds a week or 5 pounds a week or 3 pounds a week, so the first week you lost “only” 1 or 2 pounds or hit a plateau, you gave up.

6. No planning: you winged it. You walked into the gym without having a workout in hand, on paper, you didn’t plan your workouts into your weekly schedule; you didn’t have a menu on paper, you didn’t make time (so instead you made excuses, like “I’m too busy”)

7. No balance: your diet or training program was too extreme. You went the all or nothing, “I want it now” route instead of the moderate, slow-and-steady wins the race route.

8. No personalization: your nutrition or training program was the wrong one for you. It might have worked for someone else, but it didn’t suit your schedule, personality, lifestyle, disposition or body type.

So there you have it – 8 reasons why most people fall off the wagon! Have you been making these mistakes? If so, the solutions are clear and simple: focus, prioritize, get support, be accountable, be patient, plan, balance and personalize.

Train hard and expect success,

Tom Venuto
Fat Loss Coach

Tom has such a great approach to fat loss — down to earth, practical, and strategies that get REAL results!

He’s actually letting you try his bestselling ebook, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, for just $4.95

Make sure you check it out — pretty sweet deal for sure!

Eat to Win!!

Team Mohr

PS: The trial offer won’t be up for long — >>> Burn the Fat for just $4.95

PPS: There’s just a few weeks left until Beach Season *officially* starts >>> Look your best for beach season!

When You Take THIS You’ll Lose Fat

It’s not a pill.

It’s not a secret diet food.

Not a potion or a magic lotion.  It’s not a "cellulite melter" or a special "fat blocking" powder you sprinkle on your food.

Do you know what it IS, though?

It’s your picture.

In a bathing suit, sports bra and shorts … or anything you want that shows your current self.

I’ll warn you.  It can be shocking, particularly during the cold months of January when you’re normally bundled up in layers. 

But it’s powerful.  And if you want results, doing this one, simple thing … will help a ton. 

Here’s the next step. 

Post it somewhere so you’ll see it daily.

Your refrigerator.  Maybe the mirror in your closet.  Your computer or desk.

The key is you want to use this is a starting point.  A frame of reference to better yourself, whatever that means for YOU.

Taking this ONE first step is a huge step in the path to success.  And one that should be revisited every 4 weeks.

Go ahead.  Take it now, even if it is a little uncomfortable.  Every day it will be less and less uncomfortable and you’ll be THAT much closer to where you want to be.

Think you want a fat loss jumpstart to get you going … would be nice to end January 10 lbs leaner!

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