Should McDonald’s Offer Free Statins?

I log on to my computer the other day …

…and I saw what I thought was a joke.

Here is the headline that popped up:

"Should McDonald’s Offer Free Statins?"should mcdonalds offer statins

I wish I could make this stuff up.  Intrigued, I read on… Is the clown in the yellow and red really going to serve up some Lipitor as a side for his famous Quarter Pounders?

This headline wasn’t some food writer being funny, it was a legitimate study published in the well respected American Journal of Cardiology — the authors/scientists came to the conclusion that "…Fast food outlets already offer free condiments to supplement meals.  A free statin-containing accompaniment would offer cardiovascular benefits, opposite to the effects of equally available salt, sugar, and high-fat condiments."

That is in quotes because it was one of the final sentences in the paper.

They didn’t feed one group super high fat McDonald’s foods to cause them to gain belly fat … and another the same foods coupled with a statin drug to see who dropped faster from a heart attack.

They instead looked at a handful of other studies that tallied total and trans fat intake and correlated it to heart disease.  They then measured how much of a risk reduction using a daily statin would cause. 

And when comparing these values, concluded that the risk reduction associated with using a daily statin was more powerful than the risk increase caused by the daily extra unhealthy fat intake of eating nearly a half pound burger with a small milkshake. 

Therefore, they say, the statin therapy can essentially "neutralize" the harmful effects of the poor dietary choices on a daily basis.  They suggest by making statins accessible — anywhere "unhealthy food" is served — might be a smart move to offset any risk. 

They do at least say it can’t replace a healthy diet and exercise, but in our opinion, even drawing a conclusion that statins should be available next to the ketchup and mayo, is clearly not the conclusion I would have taken from that study.

Rather than look at ways to make it "OK" to eat fast food daily — instead suggest strategies to choose different options.

Mohr Results Bottom Line: Personal responsibility has to come into play at some point — washing down a statin with a Super sized milkshake or soda is clearly not responsible in any way, shape, or form.

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