WHERE You Eat Can Cause Weight Gain!

It’s not just what we eat that matters.

It’s not just how much we eat that matters.

But even WHERE we eat matters! 

A recent report came out showing that around 43% of total calories are from eating out!  That’s nearly half of all our calories being eaten outside of the home.

Sad.  Scary.  And it’s a quick fire way to gain some serious weight!

We first wrote about the report that came out last year showing restaurant food labels are "wrong" in the sense that the calorie values aren’t quite correct … the labels don’t meet the actual values (sounds almost like Dietary Supplements!).  

Now, let’s make it VERY clear that we definitely do not believe restaurants are the "cause" of the obesity epidemic, even if some of their more popular meals are packed with more calories than an adult should eat in an entire day (Cheesecake Factory, anyone?). 

It all boils down to personal responsibility, regardless of the outrageous calorie, fat, sugar and sodium counts at popular sit downs.  Eating out at restaurants should be kept to a minimum anyhow — but of course there will be times when it’s inevitable.

That being said, it’s estimated that on average, Americans get around 43% of total calories from restaurants!  Crazy.

Anyhow, recently many restaurants started sharing their nutrition information…

…on their websites, at the restaurant itself, and sometimes even on the menu.

In fact, a recent law went into effect in New York City that all chain restaurants must include the nutrition info front and center for customers to see.  I know I’ve done a double take when traveling to NY — some of those numbers can really shock you!

But what if they were ALL WRONG?  Can we trust them?

What if the companies we were putting our trust in to give us at least a little help were lying?

On average, restaurant foods contained 18% more calories than stated, with some providing over twice as many calories than reported!


  1. Eat out less often.  We know those who eat out more often weigh more.  Even when you make the better choices on the menu, it’s still not the same as eating at home! 
  2. Make Eating out a special event.  Go to more expensive restaurants less frequently vs. less expensive restaurants more frequently.  Even if Applebees, Chilis, or similar restaurants are less expensive, when visiting places like this almost half the days of the month (according to the previously mentioned study)…you’ll be spending more anyhow!

Stick to those few nutrition basics and others belly fat fighting strategies we’ve discussed — you’ll be guaranteed to reach your physical goals!

For more information on permanently losing belly fat, check out how your thoughts can help you lose weight .

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