Crazy Nutrition Tips

The longer we’re in this field and the more people we talk with, the crazier the questions, tips, and suggestions we continue to hear.

But yesterday may have been the icing on the cake.

We’re at the doctor’s office yesterday.

And the nurse asked Kara how she is feeling.  Kara said "still nauseous." 

The nurse says — "you’re never going to believe this, but the ONLY thing that works for nausea is eating CHEETOS!  I don’t know what it is in the Cheetos, but even the women in the office upstairs at Maternal and Fetal Medicine say the same thing.  And the BEST part — you don’t have to be pregnant, Cheetos work any time you’re nauseous."

So, out of all of that, you first probably picked up that ‘Team Mohr’ is expanding … and Ella is going to be a big sister later this year.

But getting away from that — Cheetos?  Really?

We looked at each other, bit our tongues, and just smiled and nodded.

Then we wondered — was it the MSG, dangerous trans fat, loads of salt, or maybe the Yellow #6 that had these "magical" anti nausea properties.

We both agreed the Cheetos themselves would make us sick — certainly wouldn’t ‘cure’ a thing!

Why is it that people cling to these old wives tails?  Is it that they want something to be true, like eating Cheetos may actually be good for you, or what?

Leave a comment on the blog — what’s the craziest bit of nutrition "advice" you’ve ever heard?  We’ll go through all the comments and will pick a winner for what we think is the "best" — the winner will get a FREE Copy of the 21 Day Fat Loss Jumpstart ($67 value) (JUST in time for Memorial Day, around the corner)


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