Are You Better Off than 4 Yrs Ago?

On the heels of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, we thought we’d ask this question that came up over and over again in the last 2 weeks as the RNC and DNC were airing.

But we’re not getting all political on you.

We’re talk about you physically …

are you physically better than you were four years ago?

It’s an interesting question.

Just the other day I had a conversation with a recent college graduate.  She’s 25 years old and was complaining that she’s wearing a size 8 now when she used to be a 2. 

So what has changed for you in the past 4 years?

Is the number on the scale the same if you’ve been trying to maintain?

How about your pants or dress size?

When in Orlando with a friend about a month ago, he was telling me he’s happy he’s the same weight as he was when we were in high school — 20 or so years ago. 

This is not the ‘norm’ though, considering the average man is 16 lbs heavier than he was in 1990 and the average woman, 18 pounds heavier in that same time frame.

Where do you fall along that spectrum?

If you’re not "better" than 4 years ago, does that mean you’re worse?

Again, we’re talking physically here.

Mitt Romney Republican Presidential candidateWhat have you done to change, maintain or improve your fitness?

How about your fatness?

I’m going to call myself out here.

I’m not as fit as I was 4 years ago.  Actually, not even close — 4 years ago, almost to the day, I had just finished the Louisville Ironman.

I weigh the same.

But I’m certainly not as fit, though my goals are very different.  Since then we’ve had 2 kids and now I’m not training for anything specific … just training for life.  But I am training, though it’s very, very different.

The question — then, if you’re not better off than 4 years ago — why?

And, more importantly, what will you do to change that?

Because on September 7th, 2016 when I ask this same question …

You surely don’t want to be the "average" man or woman, who has gained several pounds, and continuing on that upward trend.

Your health.  Your body.  Your strength, fitness and fatness are 100% in your control. 

Where you are today is not anyone’s fault but yours — for better or worse.  The government can’t fix it.  Your spouse can’t fix it.  Your friends, kids or parents can’t fix it.

You Fix You!

If you’re not happy with where you are, do something to change that.

Maybe it’s with your diet.

Maybe it’s with your exercise.

Maybe both.

But take 1 step NOW — as soon as you read this — to do it. 

Here are 10 things you can do TODAY … that can ultimately make a BIG change when continued day after day. 

  1. Add a 10 minute walking break for every 50 minutes of sitting.
  2. Only watching as much TV each day for the amount of time you are active.  Favorite shows on tonight?  Great, if it’s 2 shows for 30 minutes each … get in 60 minutes of structured physical activity.
  3. Don’t drink any calories — no soda, alcohol, sports drinks — nothing.
  4. Do 10 squats and 10 pushups in your office 60 minutes.  Stand up, sit down in your desk chair.  10 times.  Then put your hands on your desk and get in 10 reps of pushups.  Or do full pushups if comfortable.  Stay at home mom?  Same rules apply.  Your kids will get a kick out of it.
  5. Replace 1 snack today with a vegetable.  We all love carrots in the Mohr House – carrots and hummus make regular appearances here.
  6. Eat 80% of what’s on your plate.  Yes, that means leaving some food behind.  It’s not the clean plate club.
  7. Ask for them to hold the bread basket if you go out to eat.
  8. Drink 2 cups of water before every meal and snack.
  9. Leave the TV off at night — if you have kids, go out and play instead — if not, go for a walk after dinner.
  10. Skip dessert.

Think about it again.

It’s a big, big question.

Are You Better Off Than 4 Years Ago?

Are you more fit?  Are you less fat?  Are you maintaining your already healthy, fit and strong body?

Regardless of where you are now, there is only one way to change it — you.  Start with any of the 10 tips, or what can become habits, we suggested , continue with them day in and day out …

…And when 4 years rolls around and the next Presidential or Presidential Candidate is on TV asking if YOU are better off 4 years from where you are now, you can answer definitively.


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