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The Many Faces of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates get a bad rap. And sometimes for a good reason! But not always – carbohydrates from broccoli ain’t even in the same ballpark as those from soda, cookies, or candy. But they are all lumped as one cohesive group – carbohydrates. Here’s the truth.

At Mohr Results, we recommend focusing on fiber, not carbs.

Carbohydrate based foods with zero fiber are junk.

Think fiber, not carbs!

What we mean by this is focus on the fiber content of the carbohydrate based products you eat instead of the carbohydrate content.

Rules of thumb:

  1. All carbohydrate based products should have 3+ grams of fiber/serving
  2. All cereals should have <10g sugar/serving

These are pretty simple and very straightforward, but check out your pantry. What is lurking behind those doors?

Here are some serious culprits, but there are of course many more:

Has less than 1 g fiber/serving and 15 grams of sugar!
1 bottle has nearly 60 grams of sugar – each bottle has 2.5 servings, so read labels!
Your morning latte weighs in at nearly 60 grams of sugar!

As a whole, people know what are better and worse carbs. Those above are junk.

On the flip side, fruits and veggies, grains, oats, etc are all incredible for you.

While there are certain times when simple carbohydrates (low in fiber) are preferred, like during or after an intense, longer workout, in general, keep that focus on fiber!

What can easily trick people, are the “hidden” sugars in foods – the many names for the simple, junky ingredient. While people know to look for the term “sugar” and avoid that, sugar also goes incognito on food labels and often “hides” under the following disguises; don’t be fooled, these are all junk!

Common Names of Sugar Found on Food Labels
Brown Sugar
Confectioner’s Sugar
High fructose corn syrup
Invert sugar
Turbinado Sugar
Date Sugar
Fruit Sugar
Organic cane sugar
Corn syrup
Brown rice syrup
Molasses powder
Raw sugar
Maple syrup
Chicory syrup
Maple sugar
Sugar in the raw

Talk about throwing you for a loop – so it’s not just “sugar” that you have look for!! If you see those above, run for the hills!

This is why we suggest foods that have less ingredients; the less ingredients, the better! Once companies have to start adding ingredients, you know sugar will be thrown in the mix.

  1. Focus on fiber.
  2. Focus on quality.
  3. No one ever got fat from eating too many fruits and vegetables!!
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