You’re a “Skinny B****”

Have you ever gotten backhanded "compliments" from anyone after making a serious body transformation?

Check this out — we got an email just yesterday from a women in our Boot Camp

It had to do with some comments she heard from family and "friends" over Thanksgiving.

how to fit into skinny jeans"Thanks to you guys and your boot camp, I fit into my "skinny jeans" and wore them on Thanksgiving — for two reasons — one, I felt great about myself and two, they helped control my intake because it was more difficult to overeat like I’m used to on Thanksgiving.  But rather than getting compliments on my recent changes, my sister called me a "skinny b*****" (telling me it was a term of endearment) and my family continuing to tell me to eat, eat, EAT!!!!  Why is it that after making a ton of change and improving myself, am I the one who is the "bad guy" in all of this?"

And, similarly, we also heard from someone else who said that all her family kept saying to her were things like "when are you going be done with this health stuff?  Just eat already … aren’t you getting a little carried away?"

It’s interesting.

Because as someone who leads a pretty healthy lifestyle, making time for exercise, eating clean 90% of the time, and doing the other things we talk about on a daily basis…

We hear the same things.

We’re not suggesting standing on a podium and preaching about how everyone else should change their diets if they don’t eat well … that will fall on deaf ears.

But why is it that when you are making great changes, have made huge improvements, look and feel fantastic….

Do people try to shoot you down with their "compliments?"

People who eat well and take care of their bodies are always expected to change … but it never seems to be the other way around. 

Maybe instead of hearing "c’mon, eat these Big Mac and fries just ONCE" it should be "c’mon, eat this apple and put down that coke just ONCE."

Just our two cents.

Considering it’s suggested 50% of the population will have diabetes — one of the most preventable diseases in the world — by 2020, I don’t think I’m going overboard with these thoughts.

Do you agree?



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