The Unhealthiest “Health” Food on the Planet

You might be surprised to learn what this food is.

It’s a food we’re guilty of recommending far too often — or, more precisely, not being specific enough with the type we’re recommending.

And, interestingly, it’s loaded with nutrients…

…but look to the aisle of any grocery store and you’ll quickly get dupped.

There’s dozens of varieties of this food. 

Are they all "bad?" 
Are some worse than others? 
Should it be avoided like the plague??

Any ideas of what it is?

It’s good ‘ol yogurt.  Yup, the snack food that’s loaded with calcium may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Why is it so "bad?"  Take a look at the label to the right.

When do you a little math, you can quickly see that 72% of the calories
come from sugar
in a standard "Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt."

It’s more like SUGAR on the Bottom Yogurt!

But what about the OTHER nutrients that yogurt offers, like protein and

They’re great, so here’s Your Fat Loss Solution — switch to plain Greek Yogurt and add your OWN actual fruit (not what they call "fruit" on the bottom).

Plain Greek yogurt has nearly SIX times less sugar and THREE times the protein than traditional yogurt. 

So while some yogurt may be the "unhealthiest" health food, there’s others that are "winners" in our book:
Here’s the key with this — by starting with a plain Yogurt, YOU are in control of what you put into that food rather than letting the food company add whatever sugars, sweeteners, and other ingredients they feel like that destroy your body and health over time.

Mohr Results Bottom Line: When you are in control of your food, you can make the best choices.  Choose plain Greek yogurt over the other varieties that add a lot of unnecessary sugar to a high quality product.

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