The IMPACT! Body Plan

We’re information junkies — books, ebooks, manuals, DVD’s, audio books — you name it.  

You’ll never get dumber by reading.

From training and nutrition books, to business and mindset ones.  In fact I just finished up reading a new favorite on my trip to Iceland — Delivering Happiness by Tony Hseih of Zappos.com

When it comes to training books, though, we prefer books and products from those "in the trenches" — the men and women who are actually working with real people on a daily basis.  And one of those "in the trenches" guys, Todd Durkin, is out with a new book today.  It’s called the Impact Body PlanTodd Durkin Impact Body Plan

Todd is a great friend who I’ve spent a lot of time with lecturing together around the country at various conferences, at his facility in San Diego CA, and training with a number of times.

Todd "gets it."  He is one of the most passionate guys we’ve worked with in the industry … and it shows through everything he does, including his new book.

The guy works with Superbowl MVP Drew Brees, Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White and countless other athletes … companies like TRX, Under Armour, Bosu, and Total Body Gym are always knocking at his door because he lives and breaths the lifestyle.  

It’s not often we’ll recommend a book so highly, but coming from Todd, this one is a winner — it’s a 10 week transformation program, complete with mindset exercises, nutrition strategies and ideas, the training Todd and his staff of 35 offer to clients at his facility, and recovery strategies.

Do yourself a favor — pick up Todd’s book that goes on sale today.  I’ll be seeing Todd next week, actually, to present at another conference … and can’t wait to have him sign my copy that just came in the mail.  



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