Making YOUR New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

We’re not huge fans of "New Year’s Resolutions."

Our thought is that if you have a goal … start working on it NOW.  Don’t want until tomorrow, the next week, or January 1.

Did you know that 88% of people fail to keep their New Years Resolutions? 

That’s a crazy number.  But we know you’re different than the majority. 

So let’s work on achieving together. 

Share your goals.  One thing we know that helps people achieve your goals is to share them.

Be accountable. 

And the more people you’re accountable to, the more successful you will be.  Guaranteed. 

So we need your comments.  Share what you’re working on, will continue to work on, and will achieve in 2011. 

The more comments, the better.  We will all hold each other accountable.  Leave a comment below.

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