3 Secrets to Lose Weight Permanently

It’s estimated that around 80% of those who have lost weight in the past … gain it all back (and more) after 2 years.

Losing weight is actually easy.

Maintaining that loss is the hard part.

So how can you lose and maintain your weight loss permanently??

When looking at data from the National Weight Control Registry — a registry of 1000′s of people who have lost and maintained a 60 lb loss for 5+ years, they have many common traits.

  1. People who have successfully lost and maintained their weight loss keep food records.
  2. They exercise about 60 minutes/day, 5 days/week.  That means less sitting during the day and more movement, along with structured exercise. 
  3. They eat breakfast, daily. 

So, yeah, those 3 things sound insanely basic … but with around 80% of the population gaining and losing repeatedly, it’s apparently not as commonplace as it should be.


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