10 Super Simple Fat Loss Strategies

You don’t have to put yourself through an extreme "diet" to lose fat. All you need to do is make minor lifestyle changes to your diet. Now you may be thinking, what does that entail? Well it’s not really complicated — it’s just a bit of planning, a little cooking, a large amount of self-control.

At the end of the day, though, these simple little tricks can help you no matter what your goals — lose that last 10 or if you’re trying to find a jump start.

  1. Plan ahead. If your only options are a vending machine and fast food, try to pack meals and snacks the night before. That way your never left with your stomach growling during the day or on you’re way home. Planning will allow you to be successful.
  2. Don’t taste foods while cooking. While this may not seem like much, just an extra 100 calories each day means at least a ten pound gain at the end of one year. Simply tasting foods can easily exceed that.
  3. Cook in bulk. Do this on a Saturday or Sunday, when you have more time than usual, and use those leftovers throughout the week for lunches and dinners.
  4. Exercise in the morning. Nothing magical about this time, but when it’s out of the way, nothing else can take priority.
  5. Shop for the week. Plan the meals for the week on a Sunday and shop for the items needed that day. If your refrigerator is empty on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, for example, it’s likely you’ll turn to fast food!
  6. Write your goals daily. Keeping a diary of goals helps with permanent success. Then you can look back and reflect on your progress.
  7. Include a fruit and/or vegetable in every meal. That way you are getting your nutrients in and avoiding snacking on something that is unhealthy. It will also keep you fuller longer and keep you from overeating later on.
  8. Use vegetables as your base and build meals around them. For example, fill up a bowl with sauteed veggies and add pasta on top of them. This way the bulk of your meal is low calorie, high nutrient vegetables.
  9. Earn your carbohydrates through exercise. The more you exercise, the more you can eat, but always pick quality, high fiber carbs.
  10. Use fresh herbs as a replacement for sodium. They are loaded with flavor, high in nutrients, but have zero calories.

Mohr Results Bottom Line: Small steps go a very long way.  Start with these 10 and your results will skyrocket!

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