Boost Metabolism with THIS Type of Protein

Coconut Oil — A Healthy Saturated Fat?

Are You on The 7 Word Diet? You Should Be

The most dangerous ingredient on the planet?

Coconut Water — Miracle Drink?

Sugar – The Newest Antioxidant on the Block?

7 Belly Fat Busting Strategies

Stevia — Hype or Hope?

Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat

4 Ways to Speed Up a “Slow” Metabolism

Can Diet Soda Cause Heart Disease?

Butter for Heart Health?

Fish Oil vs. Flax Oil: Which is Best?

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Fat Loss Secret Weapon

Superbowl Recipe Ideas that are Heart Healthy?

What’s the Problem with Food?

The REAL New Dietary Guidelines

The Unhealthiest “Health” Food on the Planet

What Would the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Look Like if YOU Wrote Them?

A Tribute to a Fitness Icon — Jack LaLanne

Can THIS Power Nutrient BOOST Weight Loss?

Wounded Warrior Project in “Action”

Wounded Warrior Project

Operation Fat Loss to Support the Wounded Warrior Project!

The Best Alcohol to Drink AND Lose Weight

When You Take THIS You’ll Lose Fat

MUST Try Dessert (Double Dark Chocolately Chocolate Brownie)

3 Ways to Stick To Your Goals

Why We’re Excited for 2011!

Best of 2010

Real Foods Challenge

9 ‘Post Holiday Fat Loss’ Tips

Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes — Try These!

3 Diet Mistakes Everyone Makes

Goal Setting vs. Goal Achieving

The Most Overrated “Nutrition” Term

Making YOUR New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

Can YOU “Afford” To Eat That?

Satisfy Any Cravings with THESE 9 Snacks

Diet Cures Disease

3 Tips to Party Proof Your Diet

Are Pomegranates the “Superman” of Fruits?

You’re a “Skinny B****”

3 *Must Have* Fitness Items

3 ‘Tricks’ to Slash Holiday Calories

Fat Loss ‘Secret’ Weapon

Low Fruit/Vegetable Intake Costs $56.2 BILLION in Health Care

The Easiest Way to Lose Fat

The Harder You Work, the Luckier You’ll Get

Biggest Holiday Nutrition Obstacle

3 Meals vs. 6 Meals — What’s Best?

19 Foods to Always Have on Hand

Saturated Fat — The New Health Food?

Exercise More: Get Sick Less

7 SIMPLE Ways to Upgrade Your Diet

Green Tea – Fat Loss Belly Burner or Belly Fat Burning Hype?

Is Your Diet Too Complex?

3 Secrets to Lose Weight Permanently

Are You Addicted to Food?

Dear Jillian Michaels,

Chile Miners & Vitamin D Deficiency

This Boosts Obesity by 171%

Lose Calories Easily to Shed Pounds

Your Job is Making You Fat

Would You Eat Genetically Modified Salmon?

New Food Guide Pyramid

Obesity = Lower Productivity

Reduce Belly Fat with these 21 Fat Loss Tips

Supercharge Your Metabolism

10 Super Simple Fat Loss Strategies

The IMPACT! Body Plan

Your Salad is Making YOU Fat

Nutrition Myths Debunked

Can Fasting Boost Fat Loss?

One of the Biggest Struggles with Nutrition

Bust Through A Weight Loss Plateau

You Won’t Believe This

Weight Loss Drug Meridia Yanked

3 Under Rated Fat Loss Tips

Travel Like a Nutrition Pro

High Fructose Corn Syrup or Corn Sugar?

The EASIEST Way to Lose Weight (Seriously)

5 Carbs to Help LOSE FAT

Stop Eating After ____ PM To Lose Fat

A Spice that Burns Fat?

The Most Effective Prescription

It’s NOT About the Calories!

5 Fat Loss Mistakes!

Are You Poisoning Your Body?

Busy Mom’s Guide to Fat Burning Snacks

5 Slim Down Secrets while Eating Out!

Your Favorite Food Might be Your Enemy!

Drink More, Lose More!

Is Your Workout Making You Fat?!

5 Lessons Learned from My Diet!

Egg Recall — Scary Stuff!

Is coffee OK to drink?

Our Vegan Adventure

Should McDonald’s Offer Free Statins?

The Worst Energy Drink

Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat

We’re Going Vegan

Stevia — Hype or Hope?

Antioxidants are Bad for You?

Coconut Water is HOT

Diet No No’s

Good Foods Gone Bad

7 Easy High Energy Foods

The Easiest Way to Burn Fat

Fat Loss Mindset — Is IT In YOU?

27 Ways to Lose Fat, Look Great, and Feel Even Better

Healthy Superfood or Just Hype?

"You’ll Gain 1 Pound Per Day"

The Lost Art

Kara’s Got History with Lance Armstrong?

6 “Weird” Little Diet Tips

Outsmart Your Own Stomach

Are You Comfortable?

Are You Working on Losing Fat Daily?

Are Weight Loss Drugs the Answer?

Satisfy Any Cravings with THESE 9 Snacks

13 Foods You Should Eat (Part 2)

13 Foods You Should Eat (Part 1)

5 SIMPLE Strategies to Cleaner Eating

What’s Your Number?

Make Homemade Pesto in 30 seconds (Video)

Motivation Jumpstart

Stopping the Bleeding

A Worldwide Addiction

Attacked by a Groundhog?

7 Foods to Always Have in Your Kitchen

Post Pig-Out Plan

Fish Oil vs. Flax Oil: Which is Best?

High Price for Healthy Food?

Your Lifeline at 35,000 Feet!

What Are Your Summer Diet Goals?

4 Ways to Speed Up a “Slow” Metabolism

Cartoons Make You Eat More

Organic Food UPDATE!

A Magic Bullet for Weight Loss?

2010 Dietary Guidelines

Fat Burning BBQ Recipes!

Burn More Fat with THESE 3 Easy Tricks

3 Diet Traps While Vacationing

Sleep Deprivation Makes You Fat

The KEY to Permanent Fat Loss

Jumpstart Your Fat Loss

Starbucks Latte Abuse!

I once gained 10 lbs in 1 week on vacation…

Do You Workout on Vacation?

Burn More Fat with 3 Super Simple Strategies

Are "Health" Foods Causing Your Weight Gain?

Biggest Diet Sabotage

Are Your Protein Powders Contaminated?

Memorial Day (and any BBQ) Fat Loss Strategies

Does Barbecuing Cause Cancer?

Study Links ADHD in Kids to Pesticides

Favorite Summer Time Treats

Burning Fat Eatin’ Foods You Love!

Most Dangerous Diet in the World

Best (and Worst) Diets Out There?

The Unhealthiest “Health” Food

Your BFF is Making You FAT

Secret Flat Abs Foods

Today is a “No Carb” Day

What Do You Splurge On?

Burn Fat with THIS Smoothie

Negative Calorie Fat Burning Foods

Peeling Back the Wrappers of Energy Bars

Picking an “Energy” Bar

3 Unique Fat Burning Snacks

Making Over a Cinco de Mayo Calorie Bomb

Salt is Killing Us

What Is the #1 Dietary Cause of Death?

Do You Treat Yourself Like a Kentucky Derby Horse?

Stop Eating After ____ PM To Lose Fat

Biggest Nutrition Myths

Do You Rationalize Your Behaviors?

Lunch Food Ideas for Weight Loss

What Is Your Favorite Lunch Food?

Sorting thru Weight Loss Hype

Butter Is The Newest Health Food

Are Local Foods Better than Organic?

Substitute Almond Milk to Lose Weight

Our Favorite Fat Fighting Food?

Busy Mom’s Guide to Fat Burning Snacks

Eat More White Carbs, Lose More Weight

3 Little Known Benefits to Losing Weight

Control Emotional Eating

5 Simple Tricks to Lose Weight without Dieting

Should You Weigh Yourself?

Is Taxing Soda a Good Idea?

Stopping Late Night Snacking to Lose Fat

Milk — Does It REALLY Do the Body Good?

Here’s a Food Revolution — Join a CSA

Do You Need to “Loose” Weight or Lose Weight?

Copy That Recipe – Dairy Queen Blizzard Makeover!

How Can We Help?

The Healthiest Breakfast in the World

Women Should Exercise an Hour a Day to Maintain Weight

Chia Seeds Health Benefits

Does High-Fructose Corn Syrup Make You Fatter?

Fighting Late Night Cravings (video)

Travel Etiquette (and a short Friday “rant”)

Vitamin D Overdose?

Going Green for St Patty’s Day

Tour de Mohr: Insight into the Mohr Results Offices

Eat Pizza to Lose Fat?

Latte and Pastry = Breakfast of Champions?

7 Favorite Energy Boosting Power Foods

The “Un”healthiest Food in the World?

Eat This, Lose Fat

How Do I Lose Weight If I Travel?

Unranked Louisville beat #1 Ranked Syracuse…

22 Minutes to Fat Loss?

7 Health Habits Learned from an 8 Month Old

Travel Like a Nutrition Pro

Making Peanut Butter EVEN Better (and healthier)!

What’s Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Flavor?

Why Your Environment is Making Fat Loss Tough

Is Your Environment Making Weight Loss Difficult?

Fish Oil Benefits — Should YOU Supplement?

Flax Seed vs. Fish Oil — What’s Best?

Omega-3 Fats are KEY for Heart Health

A More Powerful Antioxidant than Fruits and Veggies?

Eat THIS Heart Healthy Food

Is Your Diet Too Complex?

What is Your ANDI Score?

3 Favorite Heart Healthy Snacks

Another Simple Fat Loss “Trick”

3 “Weird” Tricks to Help Shed Belly Fat

Lipids, Vitamin D, and Heart Health

Ditch the Salt Shaker

Vegetarian Diets for Heart Health?

More Fiber = Smaller belly and Healthy Heart

Red Wine and Heart Health

Are You on The 7 Word Diet? You Should Be

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Belly Fat Can Kill You

Coffee May Perk Up Your Heart!

Sleep and Heart Disease

Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit…

Superbowl Recipe Ideas that are Heart Healthy?

Are you NUTS? Another Powerful Heart Healthy Food

3 Cups of Tea/Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Fidget More to Weigh Less?

Are avocados good for you?

Can I lose fat and eat carbohydrates?

Wild salmon vs. farm raised

Fastest way to lose belly fat

Is sugar bad for you?

Can I eat eggs everyday?

Do Calories Make You Fat?

How do I get motivated to lose fat?

Should I buy organic food?

10 Strategies for Permanent Fat Loss

How much sleep do I need?

How do I avoid trans fat?

What’s a good detox diet

Most Useful Kitchen Tools

13 Foods You Should Eat (Part 2)

13 Foods You Should Eat

The worst foods to eat when dieting

Should I take vitamin D?

How Many Calories are in My Food?

Obesity is Contagious — Find New Friends to Lose Belly Fat

Green Tea – Fat Loss Belly Burner or Belly Fat Burning Hype?

How Your Thoughts Can Help You Lose Weight

Spring Cleaning Redefined

Shed Fat NOW – with these 7 Steps!!

Behavior Change: Why Weight Loss is About More than CaloriesIn, Calories Out

Common Barriers to Exercise and Strategies for Overcoming Them

Curb That Urge!

Environmental Determinants of Obesity

Lessons from Successful Losers

Make 2007 YOUR Year – Achieve your Weight Loss Goals

SCAN Conference Review

ADA Conference Review

The Rising Cost of Health Care

Gaining Muscle

Losing Fat

Nutrient Timing

Insulin and High Fructose Corn Syrup

Body Composition 411

The Truth Behind Trans Fat

Travelers Workout and Diet Plan

The Best Ways to Cheat

Eating on the Road

Boosting Immunity

Food For Mental Performance

The ul-TEA-mateBeverage

How To Beat Stress With Exercise

Douglas MacKay, ND Talks Fish Oil

Dr. Hector Lopez on Dietary Supplements

"Mighty" Joe Stankowski

Kelli Calabrese, MS, CSCS talks about Fat Loss

Mike Robertson – Roberts on Training Systems

Craig Ballantyne, MS,CSCS – Turbulence Training – Part 1

Craig Ballantyne, MS,CSCS – Turbulence Training – Part 2

Alwyn Cosgrove

Human Inferno

It Takes a Lot to Be a Fathead – Part 1

It Takes a Lot to Be a Fathead – Part 2

It Takes a Lot to Be a Fathead – Part 3

Cholesterol: Not Really a Bad Guy – Part 1

Cholesterol: Not Really a Bad Guy – Part 2

Core Concepts in Performance Nutrition Program Design

Fiber: The Roto Rooter of the Diet

Food andMood

Protein: Underappreciated Role in Optimal-Active Aging – Part 1

Protein: Underappreciated Role in Optimal-Active Aging – Part 2

Six Simple Guidelines to Pinpoint Fad Diets

Post-Exercise Nutrition: Refueling your Body for Optimal Performance

The Scoop on Meal Replacement Powders

Evaluating Dietary Supplements

Howto Eat For Heart Health

Is Dark Chocolate All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

The Many Faces of Carbohydrates

Eat More, Weigh Less?

Inflammation is the Silent Killer

3 Day Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan

The Truth Exposed – White Carbohydrates Are Healthy

Research Review 1: From Ribose to Colostrum

Research Review 2: Antioxidants to Green Teas

7 Cardio Fat Burning Secrets

A Pedometer is the Key to Fitness and Weight Loss

Prescriptions for Strength

Intervals for Fat Loss

HIT vs. Periodization

Training for a 5K

Which Cardio Machine Works Best

How To Jumpstart Your Exercise

Lose Belly Fat Forever

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