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You’re a “Skinny B****”

Have you ever gotten backhanded "compliments" from anyone after making a serious body transformation?

Check this out — we got an email just yesterday from a women in our Boot Camp

It had to do with some comments she heard from family and "friends" over Thanksgiving.

how to fit into skinny jeans"Thanks to you guys and your boot camp, I fit into my "skinny jeans" and wore them on Thanksgiving — for two reasons — one, I felt great about myself and two, they helped control my intake because it was more difficult to overeat like I’m used to on Thanksgiving.  But rather than getting compliments on my recent changes, my sister called me a "skinny b*****" (telling me it was a term of endearment) and my family continuing to tell me to eat, eat, EAT!!!!  Why is it that after making a ton of change and improving myself, am I the one who is the "bad guy" in all of this?"

And, similarly, we also heard from someone else who said that all her family kept saying to her were things like "when are you going be done with this health stuff?  Just eat already … aren’t you getting a little carried away?"

It’s interesting.

Because as someone who leads a pretty healthy lifestyle, making time for exercise, eating clean 90% of the time, and doing the other things we talk about on a daily basis…

We hear the same things.

We’re not suggesting standing on a podium and preaching about how everyone else should change their diets if they don’t eat well … that will fall on deaf ears.

But why is it that when you are making great changes, have made huge improvements, look and feel fantastic….

Do people try to shoot you down with their "compliments?"

People who eat well and take care of their bodies are always expected to change … but it never seems to be the other way around. 

Maybe instead of hearing "c’mon, eat these Big Mac and fries just ONCE" it should be "c’mon, eat this apple and put down that coke just ONCE."

Just our two cents.

Considering it’s suggested 50% of the population will have diabetes — one of the most preventable diseases in the world — by 2020, I don’t think I’m going overboard with these thoughts.

Do you agree?



3 *Must Have* Fitness Items

There’s not a lot we suggest are "must have" items…particularly in the fitness world.

In fact, most are overhyped, almost comical gimmicks — things like the ShakeWeight and Shape Up Shoes, for example.

We’re fortunate that because of what we do a lot of companies/individuals send us product to test or try out.  Most that cross our desk don’t get the "Mohr Results Seal of Approval" but occasionally there’s some hidden gems among the rest.

That being said, with Christmas around the corner, we thought it would be timely to include a list of what we consider 3 *Must Have* Fitness Items in your arsenal — or at least some that you should definitely consider.

I mean CAN you do without them?  Sure.

But each of these certainly have merits that are worth including in your daily workouts, like we do.

TRX strapsTRX – hands down, this is one of our favorite pieces of equipment.  We have it, we use it regularly, and can’t speak highly enough about TRX Straps.  Did an entire full body workout with the TRX Straps this morning, actually.  Why do we love them so much?  We’ve hung them around trees at the park, used them at the gym, tied them around a swing in our backyard and even used them on the side of a road in NYC when filming a video for the Fox News Website (if you ever wonder what it’s like to get New Yorkers to honk and scream at you when working out, try this one day).  Get these and use them.



best ab exercises2.  The Power Wheel — if you’re still doing crunches and thinking you’re "toning your abs" you’ve got another thing coming.  If you truly want to train your core, this is  a fantastic tool.  We met the creator of this, Jon Hinds, at a conference earlier this year.  We use it regularly at our gym — it’s a great challenge that you’ll DEFINITELY feel the next day! 



3. Val SlidesVal Slides – these are great portable pieces of equipment too.  Valerie Waters created this product for her on the go celebrity clients — these are portable and really effective.  In fact we gave them out as gifts in our boot camp awhile back and have gotten rave reviews.  Great for adding a little variety to your workouts or simply as a tool to toss in your suitcase so you’re always able to get a solid workout in wherever you are.

There you have it — basic, effective tools that can take your workouts to the next level and make them portable to make sure you get your training in, even during this busy time of year.



Is there anything we missed?  Share a comment and let us know!


Fat Loss ‘Secret’ Weapon

There are a lot of pieces to the fat loss puzzle.

And if you ask 10 people what it takes to be successful … you’re likely to get 10 different answers.

But there’s always one thing in common that I’ve never heard anyone waiver on.  And it’s what I’m calling the "secret" weapon in the fat loss game.


Sorry if you were thinking I was going to say some mystical new fat loss supplement or magical gadget you strap to your belly to shake the fat off and burn 10,000 calories per minute.

While maybe hearing that you should eat more fiber isn’t a "sexy" message … it’s not getting across.

The average American eats 12 grams of dietary fiber per day.  The recommendation is 2-3 times that amount.

But here’s where it gets tricky.  Fiber is great.

Actually, let’s take a step back.  The fiber naturally found in foods — foods like beans, veggies, fruit and oats — for example is great.

When companies starting "fortifying" foods with fiber, though, it doesn’t really have the same bang for its buck.

Here’s our rule of thumb — if a food package boasts about how wonderful its food is, leave it on the shelf.

DOUBLE FIBER bread.  This doesn’t mean loaded with extra whole grains — it usually means the company added an ingredient like inulin, maltodextrose or polydextrose.  These are not naturally occurring ingredients and clearly don’t have the same benefits that naturally occurring fiber does.

Outside of the loads of health benefits, how does it help with weight loss?

It keeps you fuller, longer.  And when you’re more full, you eat less.  And when you eat less, you lose fat. 

Hence the title of "Fat Loss Secret Weapon."  Eat more REAL fiber lose more REAL fat. 

Low Fruit/Vegetable Intake Costs $56.2 BILLION in Health Care

This is crazy.

I got an email late last week.

It was about an embargoed story that was going to be released regarding fruit and vegetable intake and the results of a brand new study that was coming out.

They sent me the report. 

And it doesn’t matter how often you see this stuff about the health of our nation being so poor.  How our intake of various foods is too low.  Or added sugar is too high.

Seeing certain things still continues to amaze me.

One of those things.

92% of children don’t eat the recommended amount of fruits and veggies each day.

And get this — this is the amazing part — the health care costs from treating diet related diseases because of LOW fruit and vegetable intake is $56.2 BILLION/year. 

That’s billion … with a B.

Health care reform might be the hot topic these days, but let’s maybe look at fruit and vegetable "reform."  Something as simple as eating MORE fruits and veggies each and every day can slash health care costs by drastic amounts.


So how do you get started? 

Make them available #1.  Have them in your house.  If you don’t buy them, of course no one will choose them … they’re not there. 

Buy frozen fruit and add it to smoothies.  Or throw a handful or two of veggies into an omelet.  Make a "pact" with yourself that if you snack, it must include a fruit and/or vegetable.  Don’t eat any meals without fruits or vegetables included as part of them.  

This is madness, though.  It doesn’t take a lot of make a massive improvement in health.  We also know those who eat more fruit/veggies weigh less.  Certainly that fact alone is tied to the health care costs.

Mohr Results Bottom Line:  Eat more fruit.  Eat even more veggies.  The more color the better.  Preventing … or reducing the risk … of disease is easy … eating more veggies and fruit is a great first, simple step.

The Easiest Way to Lose Fat

Alright, I’m going to admit something … a confession, of sorts.

…I LOVE food.

Even more, I love GOOD food!  Homemade, super tasty foods. 

Desserts?  Yup.

Ice cream in particular.  Good ice cream, like the milk shake I enjoyed the other day when my brother was in town … made with Bourbon Ball Ice Cream.  Yummmmm.

So, you’re thinking, THAT’S the easiest way to lose fat?  Enjoy all those good foods?

Not at all.

It’s not to keep those foods in the house!

Maybe that sounds too simple.  Something you certainly don’t need a PhD to figure out.

But while simple and certainly effective, it’s not always that straightforward.

Women say to us all the time "but these are in my house for my kids or my spouse." 

No one NEEDS these foods.  Someone has to buy them.

Don’t buy them and they won’t be there.  Just like me, you’ll eat the foods that are staring you in the face. 

So why did I start off by telling you how I love good foods and had a fantastic milkshake the other day?

Because the key is I don’t keep those foods around because I love them.  We went to a great local ice cream shoppe — The Comfy Cow — to get the milk shake.  When we came home, it was done.

And it will be awhile before I go back.

These are occasional treats, not everyday treats.  But when they’re staring you in the face day after day, they become everyday treats.  And everyday treats cause unwanted weight gain.

Mohr Results Bottom Line: Don’t overthink the fat loss puzzle — get the junk out of your house so you’re left with the better options to fuel your body to achieve the goals you want to achieve.


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