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Supercharge Your Metabolism

I hung up the phone the other day with a writer from a fitness magazine.

We were talking about the dilemma one of their readers had — she was walking for 30 minutes each day, 5 days/week.  She was eating well (from what she said) … yet the scale and her body fat weren’t budging.

Where was she going wrong?  Should she increase how long she walks each day?  Eat less?

Without knowing more about her food outside of "she was eating well" like the writer was told, we focused on her exercise.

And the first thing I said was she needs to work harder.  Not longer.  But harder and smarter.

Walking is great.  It’s better than sitting.  But it’s not close to as effective as higher intensity exercise.

We call it cardio confusion.  People think they simply need to walk … walk their dog, walk around the park, walk their neighborhood, and the weight will magically fall off them.

It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Again, yes, walking is great.  Be active.  But you also have to challenge your body.

It doesn’t mean you have to start sprinting.  Maybe you’re just getting off the couch after years of being inactive.  Simply work a bit harder during your walk.

For example, pick a landmark … maybe a telephone poll … and walk as hard as YOU can until another landmark.  Then slow it down for about 30 seconds (or the next mailbox or whatever).  Continue to go back and forth like this.  You’ll work harder, but you can go for less time, and burn MORE calories than with a simple, slow, long boring cardio routine.

Like I said — be active — we walk around the park almost daily as a family.  It’s not for exercise, it’s just to be outside and move.  Our actually training is in addition to this daily routine. 

Being active and exercising aren’t necessarily the same thing.

Mohr Results Bottom Line: No more cardio confusion — add intervals, like we do in Mohr Results Boot Camp on our own, if you truly want to supercharge your metabolism and get fast fat loss results! 



10 Super Simple Fat Loss Strategies

You don’t have to put yourself through an extreme "diet" to lose fat. All you need to do is make minor lifestyle changes to your diet. Now you may be thinking, what does that entail? Well it’s not really complicated — it’s just a bit of planning, a little cooking, a large amount of self-control.

At the end of the day, though, these simple little tricks can help you no matter what your goals — lose that last 10 or if you’re trying to find a jump start.

  1. Plan ahead. If your only options are a vending machine and fast food, try to pack meals and snacks the night before. That way your never left with your stomach growling during the day or on you’re way home. Planning will allow you to be successful.
  2. Don’t taste foods while cooking. While this may not seem like much, just an extra 100 calories each day means at least a ten pound gain at the end of one year. Simply tasting foods can easily exceed that.
  3. Cook in bulk. Do this on a Saturday or Sunday, when you have more time than usual, and use those leftovers throughout the week for lunches and dinners.
  4. Exercise in the morning. Nothing magical about this time, but when it’s out of the way, nothing else can take priority.
  5. Shop for the week. Plan the meals for the week on a Sunday and shop for the items needed that day. If your refrigerator is empty on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, for example, it’s likely you’ll turn to fast food!
  6. Write your goals daily. Keeping a diary of goals helps with permanent success. Then you can look back and reflect on your progress.
  7. Include a fruit and/or vegetable in every meal. That way you are getting your nutrients in and avoiding snacking on something that is unhealthy. It will also keep you fuller longer and keep you from overeating later on.
  8. Use vegetables as your base and build meals around them. For example, fill up a bowl with sauteed veggies and add pasta on top of them. This way the bulk of your meal is low calorie, high nutrient vegetables.
  9. Earn your carbohydrates through exercise. The more you exercise, the more you can eat, but always pick quality, high fiber carbs.
  10. Use fresh herbs as a replacement for sodium. They are loaded with flavor, high in nutrients, but have zero calories.

Mohr Results Bottom Line: Small steps go a very long way.  Start with these 10 and your results will skyrocket!

The IMPACT! Body Plan

We’re information junkies — books, ebooks, manuals, DVD’s, audio books — you name it.  

You’ll never get dumber by reading.

From training and nutrition books, to business and mindset ones.  In fact I just finished up reading a new favorite on my trip to Iceland — Delivering Happiness by Tony Hseih of

When it comes to training books, though, we prefer books and products from those "in the trenches" — the men and women who are actually working with real people on a daily basis.  And one of those "in the trenches" guys, Todd Durkin, is out with a new book today.  It’s called the Impact Body PlanTodd Durkin Impact Body Plan

Todd is a great friend who I’ve spent a lot of time with lecturing together around the country at various conferences, at his facility in San Diego CA, and training with a number of times.

Todd "gets it."  He is one of the most passionate guys we’ve worked with in the industry … and it shows through everything he does, including his new book.

The guy works with Superbowl MVP Drew Brees, Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White and countless other athletes … companies like TRX, Under Armour, Bosu, and Total Body Gym are always knocking at his door because he lives and breaths the lifestyle.  

It’s not often we’ll recommend a book so highly, but coming from Todd, this one is a winner — it’s a 10 week transformation program, complete with mindset exercises, nutrition strategies and ideas, the training Todd and his staff of 35 offer to clients at his facility, and recovery strategies.

Do yourself a favor — pick up Todd’s book that goes on sale today.  I’ll be seeing Todd next week, actually, to present at another conference … and can’t wait to have him sign my copy that just came in the mail.  



Your Salad is Making YOU Fat

I spent last week in Iceland — incredible trip.  Amazing country.  And really enjoyed the group we presented to.

While talking, someone raised her hand and asked about a client who "only eats salads, but can’t lose any weight."  She wanted to know if I had any suggestions.

Here’s the deal — people think salads are GREAT!  And they can be. But they can literally destroy your body too.

Load them up with cheese, bacon, creamy dressings, nuts and you can pack a major "dose" of calories.  A restaurant Cobb Salad can pack nearly 100 grams of fat, 1000+ calories, and nearly 2000 mg of sodium!

Caesar is just as bad with 1 days worth of calories and fat in just that meal!  And you think you’re doing something healthy!

Here’s how to build a fat burning salad like you wouldn’t believe… Start with a base of spinach, add some fresh seasonal fruit (berries, peaches, apples, oranges, etc), a variety of veggies, some raw nuts, and avocado. Add some wild salmon or grilled chicken breast and that’s a meal you can’t compete with.

In fact, I just finished that exact meal up myself — we had leftover wild salmon we grilled, so put that on there, then loads of spinach, tomatoes from our garden, avocado, squash, and a little shredded carrot.  Good stuff!

Do you have a favorite salad? Let us know below!

Nutrition Myths Debunked

We hear them all the time.

"I can’t eat eggs."

"Fat is bad"

"Carbs are the enemy."

"Saturated fat is evil."

The list goes on and on and on.  We’ll admit, it IS tough to keep up with the most current data as the nutrition world changes a bit.

Let’s look at some of these common myths and share the TRUTH!

MYTH #1:

"I can’t eat eggs."  We STILL hear this all the time … here’s the deal.  You CAN and SHOULD eat eggs.  The whole eggs, not just the yolk.  They’re an amazing source of protein, choline, and other powerful nutrients.  The "don’t eat eggs" is solely because they’re high in cholesterol.  But eating cholesterol doesn’t translate to having high cholesterol. 

Now, you do want to be careful with the recent egg scare and the hundreds of thousands of eggs that were recalled.  We suggest getting them from a local farmer if possible — we have several options at our nearby Farmer’s Markets.  Cage free, free roaming chickens eat what chickens should eat, have full access to roaming around, and produce healthier eggs that are loaded with even more nutrients. 


"Fat is bad."  Ehhhh, wrong again.  Fat is incredible for you.  The right types of fat, that is.  Omega-3 fats, in particular — the kind from cold water fish, like wild salmon, tuna, sardines, anchovies — are essential, meaning you have to get them from the diet because your body doesn’t make them.  And, omega-3 deficiency is a leading dietary cause of death!


"Carbs are the enemy."  Wrong again.  Some carbs are the enemy.  Many are not — veggies, fruits, beans, whole grains are all incredible for you.  The key is eating things in their most natural state — whole grains, not a breakfast cereal that is "made with whole grains" which usually means it’s somewhere low on the ingredient list.  If you get most of your carbs from veggies and fruits, some from beans and grains, you’ll be doing really well.  Just eliminate the soft drinks and other products with useless added sugars.

Myth #4

"Saturated fat is evil."  Well, this is one that’s changed pretty recently according to the science.  Just when we thought we had it straight, more data came out showing certain types of saturated fat aren’t so bad after all and may actually boost HDL "the good cholesterol!"  Here’s the deal –  there are different types of saturated fats.  One called stearic acid, which is found in dark chocolate, coconut, and whole fat dairy may actually be OK for you.  Here’s the deal, though, we’re not suggesting going hog wild with saturated fats – going on a chocolate bender — but if the saturated fats you do eat are mainly from those foods, you’ll be better off.

So just when we thought we had all the answers, we’re debunking more nutrition myths. 

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