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Memorial Day (and any BBQ) Fat Loss Strategies

Today we’re back 5 simple strategies to keep your fat loss going even during the Memorial Day BBQ’s and other get together’s that are synonymous with summer.

  1. Don’t go to a party empty handed – there will surely be no shortage of high calorie, high fat foods.  Bring fruit salad, hummus with veggies, or guacamole with homemade pita chips (cut whole wheat pitas like a pizza, brush with olive oil, put a sprinkle of sea salt and chili powder, toast and voila, a healthier option than chips)
  2. If you’re hosting, try grilled fruit for dessert – it adds a unique sweetness to the fruit as the sugars carmelize.
  3. Balance the alcohol intake with non alcoholic drinks … alcohol is like a double edge sword, adding calories and lowering your inhibitions to eat more calories too.
  4. Get your exercise done in the AM — this gets it out of the way so they’re are no excuses to miss.  BUT, exercising isn’t the green light to go hog wild.
  5. Avoid hanging out by the buffet table — most parties have buffet tables, filled with food, drinks, etc.  Spending too much time there is a simple way to make sure you’ll overeat and overdrink.  Get a plate of food, walk away from the buffet line, and enjoy what you have …

There you have it — 5 simple strategies to keep this and the rest of your summer BBQ’s lean.

Most importantly, thank you to all the men and women who serve and have served this country.  Happy Memorial Day to our American readers.

Favorite Summer Time Treats

Simple question today …

What is your single FAVORITE summertime treat?

Ice cream?


I’m asking because we took Ella for a walk the other day — we’re really fortunate to have a beautiful park within walking distance of our front door.

Well, while we were in the park, the Ice Cream Truck came by…

…and literally parents were running around to round up money from their cars faster than ants after you step on their ant hole.

It was crazy.

We’re going to talk more about stimulus control tomorrow.

But for now, all I want to know is what is your FAVORITE summer time "treat."


Burning Fat Eatin’ Foods You Love!

With Memorial Weekend around the corner, grillin’ is clearly on the mind!

We use our grill almost every night.  The other day we had some friends over and grilled out …

…some basics.  Burgers, grilled squash and zucchini (THE BEST), and some mixed greens out of her friends garden.  Great stuff.

And I also introduced them to something that we love to do — the portobello mushroom "bun." 

Eliminate the white, doughy, useless hamburger bun (whole wheat isn’t THAT much better…) and replace it with two portobello mushroom caps.


The juice and flavor from the mushrooms gives the burgers a really great taste and they’re super moist.

So I’m talking to someone and telling them about this.  They could NOT for the life of them understand how this would work.  And there’s no better way to understand than to show you …

…here’s a video of me grilling burgers and replacing the bun with portobello mushrooms.


Most Dangerous Diet in the World

What would you guess is the most dangerous diet on the planet?

Extremely low carbs to lose weight?

Super high protein to shed fat?

Cleansing to eliminate toxins?

Truth be told, none of those are great choices…

…but there’s one that is much worse than any of those.

And YOU are following it!  We all are!

It’s called the "BLT Diet."

Have you ever heard of it?

In fact this weekend I was on the diet myself.  I was feeding our daughter, Ella — she had some peaches with cinnamon and cottage cheese.  One of her favorite combos!  But with just about 3 bites left she gave me the "All done" sign … which is to push away the spoon.

Ugggg, such great food — how could it go to waste?

So I ate it. 

Is that a great combo … absolutely.  Lean protein, fruit, with a super healthy spice that’s loaded with antioxidants.

But here’s the problem.  It was calories I didn’t need.  I wasn’t hungry.

The BLT Diet is affectionately known as:

The Bites, Licks, and Tastes Diet

A little bite here.  A lick and taste there.

And you don’t have to have kids to fall prey to this diet, although they make it even worse since there’s often food left over. 

But maybe you just open the fridge when you’re walking by or open the pantry… grab something, pop it in your mouth, and voila…you too have bought into this diet hook, line, and sinker.

So how much does this all add up?

Well, for every extra 100 calories a person eats (or drinks) each day …

… that adds up to 10 lbs at the end of 1 year.

Just 100 calories!  You know how EASY that is?

Few sips of juice, extra French fry or two, couple extra bites of dinner, 1/2 a cookie, etc.  The list can go on and on.  Every single one of us has fallen prey to the Most Dangerous Diet on the Planet — the BLT Diet. 

Even when the food choices are good, like what I had from Ella, the calories still add up at the end of the day.

The question then becomes, how can you get off this diet …

…because at the end of the week, month, and ultimately year…it’s killing you!

Here are a few strategies:

  • If you have kids, serve them less and have them ask for more vs. overfilling their bowls/plates — finishing their plates, bowls, or drinks isn’t good for anyone. 
  • Burn an extra 100 calories per day — walking or running 1 mile is equal to about 100 calories.  Go out at lunch rather than eating going to a fast food restaurant. 
  • Pack your own meals — you’ll eat less than if you go out to a restaurant.
  • If you do go out to a restaurant, split a meal or ask for a doggy bag with half the meal BEFORE it even comes to the table.

By simply eliminating 100 calories each day or exercising to burn an extra 100 calories each day, you’ll do your body wonders…better yet, do both (eat 100 less calories AND move to burn 100 calories more) and it’s a true win win.

While 10 lbs at the end of 1 year may not seem like a lot…

…that all adds up and year after year after year, 10 lbs becomes 30, 40, or more in a few years.

It’s what we call "Creeping Obesity" — stay tuned for more on that this week.



Best (and Worst) Diets Out There?

We’ve got some great blogs lined up for next week …

Including our take on the latest study linking pesticides to ADD in kids.

And another on the worst "diet" out there … that I bet nearly every single person has fallen victim to at some point.

A simple search on for "diet books" brings up nearly 55,000 options.

That’s a lot.  A lot of junk!

How do you pick and choose from everything out there?

My question to you today — out of the popular "diets" out there, what is the best and worst to use or follow? 

It’s a little food for thought on Friday …

Leave a comment below and we’ll be back with our idea on what the WORST diet in the world is…and, like I said, you may not even know you’re following it!

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