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New Year’s Fat Loss Tips

Weight loss always ranks as one of the top New Years Resolutions.

So with the New Year upon us, we're going to give 5 super simple strategies to burn belly fat permanently.  None of them require severe "dieting", eliminating food groups, endless hours of cardio, or really anything else that would set people up for fat loss failure.

Instead, these 5 tips can be started today and will make a huge difference in your battle against the belly bulge.

1.  Eat with smaller plates, bowls, and utensils.  This will indirectly help you decrease portions.  Use "dessert" or "appetizer" size plates vs. normal dinner plates to start.  Decreased portions means less calories, less calories over time, means less body fat. Simple, yet effective.  

2.  Write each one of your goals.  Daily.  Writing your goals daily helps you achieve them.  Don't just think it, ink it.  We've seen the success ourselves and research supports this belief as well.

3.  Start every single meal or snack with a fruit and/or veggie.  This will help fill you up and give you the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.  

4.  Move more.  Structured exercise is of course encouraged, but so is general movement — in addition to your 30-60+ minutes/day of structured exercise, move as much as possible throughout the day.  Take 10 minute breaks every hour to walk around.  Go for a walk at lunch vs. wasting time on Facebook, twitter, or browsing the internet.  Simply move as much as you can.

5.  Plan ahead.  Figure out your meals for the day or week ahead before you're sitting at work, staring mindlessly at your computer or project, because you are so hungry.  Bring your own foods, plan your dinners, etc.  This will all translate to eating out less often — when you eat out less often, weight loss will be a cinch.  

There you have it — simple, success strategies to rid yourself of the muffin top, banish the belly bulge, and get rid of those love handles for GOOD!!

2010 Nutrition and Fitness Trends

What do you think is going to be "big" next year?

We asked that on our Mohr Results Facebook page and got a handful of great answers…

…and we thought we’d give our predictions as well.  So here you have it, our thoughts on Nutrition and Fitness Trends in 2010.

1.  More focus on prevention, less on reaction.  Here’s an example — the greatest tool to "measure" body fat is the mirror.  Take a look in it … and if you don’t like what you see, change it.  Don’t wait for things to get "out of control."

2.  Increase the amount of meals eaten at home.  With so much talk about the economy and the effects many are feeling, people are going to be turning more and more to home cookin’

3.  Eating local foods.  This is simply a continuation of a trend we’ve been seeing over the last year or more.  Eat foods as "close" to home as possible.  More nutrients, support the local farmer, and the flavor is second to none.

4.  More "designer" ingredients/foods.  Whether this is good or bad is another question, but we’re surely going to be seeing more and more "specialty" ingredients and/or foods.

5.  Increased food fortification.  As people continue to look for a quick fix, food companies will continue to "please" by adding specific nutrients to their products that are catered to different genders, health risks, diseases, and so on.

6.  More reliance on "Energy" products.  As a society, we don’t get nearly enough sleep.  Well, the 600+ energy drinks and millions of coffee shops have your answer…their products!  There’s no end in sight for the popularity of any of these.

7.  More "anti-inflammation" food and supplement products.  From antioxidants to fatty acids, phytonutrients to functional foods.  Look for this category to heat up in the near future.

8.  Body weight training.  Who needs a barbell when you have your own body weight?  It’s the most simple, least expensive training tool yet — your own body.

9.  Keep it simple and "clean." 
Awareness about different additives, chemicals, and other by products in our foods will have consumers turning more to "clean" foods without any of these!

10. More "green" or "environmentally friendly" foods.  keep an eye out for more of these coming down the pipeline.

There you have it — Mohr Results predictions for 2010.

What do YOU think we’ll be seeing more of next year?

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